Building a strong career in Logo Design

This is for student inclined in arts and graphic designing. Hope it is helpful! 🙂

Building a strong career in Logo Design

Before you seek to make a career in logo designing, you should determine whether your interests and skills are aligned to those required for a logo designer. The following are the basic interests and inclinations that a logo designer should have:

  • Superior ability with the use of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other graphic design software suites
  • Ability to concentrate on work that needs visual precision
  • Interest in working with computers and employing your creative abilities in the process
  • Ability to hold concentration on a single task for long periods
  • Excellent communication skills to gain understanding of client requirements and project needs
  • Interest in a career that gives the flexibility of formal or self-employment

Skills necessary for a career in logo design

There is a set of skills that will ensure that you perform the best in your career should you choose to pursue logo design. The core point of having these skills is to be equipped to work competently, combining natural abilities with school knowledge and in-field experience.

Design skills – Logo designers will tend to have an artistic inclination, with the flare for design in particular. Aside from that, they should be equipped with operative knowledge of graphic design software such as Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, among others.

Communication skills – it is important to have the skills required to gain a comprehensive understanding of client or employer requirements, and for that you’ll need superior communication skills. You also should be able to explain clearly why each design element was chosen over other options. If you’re a freelancer, communication skills will be invaluable when you are building networks and selling your business to potential clients.

Business skills – logo design is a very business oriented field. As a freelance logo designer, you should have the skill to build various aspects of your business, including marketing yourself to new clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients and having the time management and planning skills to coordinate multiple projects within the time and budgetary allocations for each project. You should be able to plan your finances also so that you can grow your business and knowledge.

Practical/physiological abilities – A logo designer will probably spend a good portion of their life staring at a computer screen. You should be physically and mentally prepared to put in the long work hours and have a long concentration span. Your eyesight should also be very good, since logo design demands a high level of precision.

Personality traits – There are certain demands of the Logo Design profession that should be ingrained in your character to help you succeed in your career and live through the various challenges presented on the job:

  • Innate creativity and passion for design
  • Willingness to keep yourself informed on the changes in the industry, and learn new skills that are required to remain relevant
  • Precise and unerring attention to detail, so that you can present work that you and your client are proud to own and display
  • Discipline to plan and deliver projects on time and within budget, especially when you have the flexibility of being self-employed or working from home

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John Lewis has 5 years’ experience in logo design at For more information and guidance on logo design and to view and receive top reviews for design work, contact us below


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