Calendar 2015 = 1997

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Interesting thing about saturday in 2015
4/4/2015 saturday
6/6/2015 saturday
8/8/2015 saturday
10/10/2015 saturday
12/12/2015 saturday

Calendar of 2015 is same as calendar of 1997

Date & Day even Festivals are same,

Who told history doesn’t repeat ?


We are back in 90s

Have a Blessed Happy New Year!

Calendar Math explains:

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5 Responses to Calendar 2015 = 1997

  1. linwl001 says:

    2015 = 1998 not 1997. Factually incorrect here..thanks


  2. linwl001 says:

    2015=1998 not 1997. Thanks


  3. 2015 = 1987

    Every 28 years calendar repeats (only valid in centuries divisible by 400).
    see the correction at


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