Worldwide Student Homework Hours

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Weekly Homework (hours)

A recent survey in 44 OECD countries reveals for 15-year-old students an average of 5 hours / week of homework.

CountryHomework HrsExtra Hrs PISA
Shanghai14 Tuitions1
Singapore9.4 Tuitions2
Hong Kong6 Tuitions3
Korea2.7Tuitions 4

PISA 2012:

PISA is like the Army IPPT Test on physical fitness. A fit soldier and a weak soldier go to war, whether he can fight with courage under duress to win the battle, has nothing to do with his IPPT scores.

Same for PISA scores…that explains why Americans are poor in PISA but produce many entrepreneurs, Nobel prize / Fields scientists, whereas China, Singapore, Korea, HK have only few.


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