What are the Main Careers in Automobile Industry?

This is an article describing careers in the automobile industry. Hope it is useful for students interested in this area of work! 🙂

What are the Main Careers in Automobile Industry?

The automobile industry contributes greatly to the employment of many citizens in the country. It is one industry, which supports just any other industry you might think of. Many people feel its influence – the people commuting to work, the drivers who deliver goods to customers, the emergency services engineers, technicians, and mechanics. As one way of promoting the growth of the automobile industry, the Ideal Auto USA provides direct and indirect employment through selling some of the eco-friendly cars in the industry.

Careers in the automobile industry

There are many kinds of employment opportunities in this industry often employing some of the brightest minds like the engineers. Because there is a wide array of jobs, one would have to find a suitable choice based on his or her interest and qualifications. If you have the right training, you can easily advance higher in the positions. The technicians are responsible for things like replacing air filters, changing oils, and balancing wheels. These technicians handle many other maintenance tasks such as doing tune ups and changing the brake pads.

Apart from the technicians, there are the mechanics that repair cars. These workers are categorized one or two levels up the employment ladder from the technicians. At times, people confuse the mechanics with technicians, but the reality is that mechanics are more advanced than automobile technicians are.Besides performing many of the tasks done by technicians, they have knowledge on how to repair cars and work on engines.

While mechanics may work for companies or other people, when they have the business skill and the required capital, they can set up their own business. A repair shop is certainly one rewarding business, which can help mechanics further their career.

The automakers and car dealers employ many workers from the cleaners, service team, the mechanics, engineers, sales persons, drivers, and managers. All these people and their families get support from the industry. There are also indirect jobs, which come with this industry such as the workers employed in steel plants, glass making plants, or computer chip makers, which make the materials for manufacturing cars.

Salary range for automobile careers

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automotive service technicians as well as the mechanics earned an average wage of about $38,560 as in May 2011 while the average salary for the mechanical engineers who work in the automobile manufacturing was at averagely $95,080. These figures show that the workers especially those with some skill in the automobile sector command quite a substantial pay.

If you want to make a living when working in the automobile industry, you might want to get some education be it in sales and marketing, engineering, motor vehicle mechanics, or even a driver. With Ideal Auto USA, it offers the best cars in the industry, which is a way of expanding the career market as more workers get employment as drivers and mechanics.


Tim Bryson is a practising automobile mechanic and has been working in this industry for more than 8 years. For the best eco-friendly cars that will drive the automobile industry, you can visit Ideal Auto USA.

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