Tuition News: 92 Marks ranks student in bottom 50%

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Sounds bizarre, but it is true! Something “uniquely Singapore” as 92 marks is usually the top echelon for most other countries.

Students need not be disappointed, as 88 to 92 marks is already a very respectable score. Most important is to understand the subject well, and try to improve.


Despite scoring between 88 and 92 marks for his subjects, he was placed in the third quartile of his cohort.

“Which means he was not among the top 50 per cent,” says his mum, Mrs Jaclyn Chew, 41.

Her son, who attends an all-boys school in north-eastern Singapore, was crestfallen after he asked his parents how he fared.

“I had to tell him the truth about where he stood compared to his peers,” Mrs Chew says.

“It’s just bizarre that with his grades and the tuition, he’s still in the lower half of the grade spectrum.”

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