Music and Mathematics are Apolitical

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This “Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto” (梁山伯与祝英台) composed 50 years ago by 2 Chinese music students, now played so lovely by a Japanese lady violinist. 

Only in the kingdom of Music (the other one is Mathematics) where human political hatred does not exist between countries due to past wars: Japan and China, Germany and the Allied Nations, … Just only yesterday China President Xi and Japan PM Abe both showed awkward “poker face” hand-shake at the APEC Beijing meeting; contrast to the 20th century’s greatest mathematician David Hilbert from Nazi Germany was welcome  in America to chair  the inauguration of the International Conference of Math.

If more students love Math and Music, the world of tomorrow will be more peaceful.

Watch 諏訪內晶子 -《梁祝小提琴協奏曲》   Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto:

1. The legendary love story is the Chinese version of “Romeo & Juliette”:’_Violin_Concerto

2. On [13:27mins] the only single…

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