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If we were to choose only 3 greatest scientists in the entire human history, who excelled in every field of science and mathematics, they are:
1) Archimedes
2) Issac Newton
3) Carl Friedrich Gauss

Let’s see how Gauss became a great scientist in his formative years in the university, it would give us a clue by knowing what kind of books did he read ?

Carl Friedrich Gauss was awarded a 3-year ‘overseas’ scholarship to study in Göttingen University (located in the neighboring state Hanover) by his own state sponsor the Duke of Brunswick.

Gauss chose Göttingen University because of its rich collection of books.
During the 3 years, he read very widely on average 8 books in a month.

Below was his student days’ library records:

1795-1796 (1st semister): total 35 books
Math (M) :1 ,
Astrology (A):2,
History/Philosophy (H): 1,
Literature/ Language (L): 15,
Science Journal (S): 16

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