10 Biggest Mathematical Disasters in the World

Interesting Blog Post about the 10 Biggest Mathematical Disasters in the World

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tulip graph Correction The millennium bug or the Y2K bug was going to cause planes to fall from the sky, bank accounts to be wiped out, electricity grids to cease functioning, trains to crash, cars to collide as stop lights stopped functioning, life support units to malfunction and computers to crash around the globe. For years leading up to midnight on New Years eve 1999 consults were paid extraordinary amounts of money to solve the problem.  When the clock ticked over to 1 st Jan 2000 nothing much happened. It was, indeed, a non-event, an error in logic. y2k digyourowngrave.com  (Pic from, appropriately, digyourowngrave.com)  

y2k2The Maths Error: Guessing the Answer.

Computer programmers represented the year in the date of many programs using two digits but claimed logical errors would arise upon “rollover” from x99 to x00.

While consultants claimed their advice saved the world from catastrophe countries that spent very little on the…

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