Do you need a maths degree to teach maths?

Excellent post on teaching Maths.
The basic requirements for teaching Maths are:
1: You must like maths.
2: You must have a good knowledge of maths.


A few weeks ago I wrote a post in shock at the fact that a number of schools in the locality had been teaching rounding wrongly. By this I don’t mean I took issue with their pedagogical approach, but rather that the method of rounding they were teaching was wrong and would result in the wrong answer in some instances. This post received the following comment from Old Andrew (@andrewolduk):

“Is anybody going to raise the obvious issue here that a lot of maths teachers don’t have maths degrees? In recent years the rise of “conversion courses” means that many have a background that isn’t in the least mathematical.”

This stirred up some quite strong feelings on both sides. Sophie Skinner (@miss_skinner) wrote this excellent piece stating her views, and Dave Gale (@reflectivemaths) wrote this piece reflecting his view. Twitter has been buzzing with conversation on the matter, and…

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