Harvard Online Course: Abstract Algebra

For Junior College students after getting your A-level result this month, if you want to further study Math (or Science, Engineering) in the top universities overseas after your National Service, e.g. USA (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, …), or France (where their modern math standard in French Baccalaureate – not the Singapore IB – is much higher than the GCE A level).
Attend this video up to the first 15 lectures will prepare you a good Modeen Math foundation, which is seriously lacking in our Singapore JC Math syllabus (regardless whether you get distinction in GCE A level Math)

Math Online Tom Circle

Prof Benedict Gross is one of the best Algebra professors I have seen – he can explain so well the abstract concepts, without injecting fear and confusion to the students.

As Prof Gross had brilliantly said in the beginning of this Lecture 1:

Algebra is the language of Math.

Since Math is the language of science,
therefore any serious Science needs to speak in Algebra language.

Today, if you read a research paper on any math (or Computer Science, Mathematical Physics…) topic, hardly you can avoid these “basic” algebraic lingoes: Group, Ring, Field, Vector Spaces, Quotient Group, Ideal, …

I strongly recommend to anyone who likes to study Modern Algebra but afraid of the abstractness, this is the course (free) for you. I can guarantee you by the halfway (15th lecture) you will have a solid foundation, and by the last lecture you will be able to follow high-level…

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