RE:FRAMED: How do I get homework done?

Motivational post on “How to get homework done”
Useful for students taking O Levels

Beyond the Status Quo

We all know how terrible homework is and how long it takes and how you could be doing SOOO many other things that are not homework. Like nothing productive. That kind of stuff. And once we actually get started, it’s so difficult to keep on track. Sometimes we hit a brick wall and so we just stop and do something else. And then there are those moments where you have so much work to do that you take a nap. Or the infamous “due tomorrow do tomorrow” mentality. When teachers assign a certain portion of reading you think, “Sweet! No homework!” just because you don’t get credit for actually reading it. This affects almost every single person and extends beyond schooling and even into your real life work. What should you do? Well I can’t tell you, but I can confide in the type of mentality I have and what…

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Author: mathtuition88

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