Our Daily Story #4: Niels Henrik Abel, a poor Math genius

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Galois and Abel had many things in common: both worked on the Quintic equation (of degree 5). Abel first proved there was NO radical solution; Galois, who was 9 years younger, went one step further to explain WHY no solution (with Group theory).

Both were young Math genius not recognized by the world of mathematics. Their fates were ruined by the same French mathematician Cauchy, who hid their Math papers from the recognition of the French Academy of Science.

Both died young: Abel at 26,  Galois 20.
Abel was poor and weak in health. His dream job of professorship came 2 days (too late) after his death.

Ironically, today the top Math award in monetary term (US$ 1 million) for the world’s top mathematician is named after this extremely poor mathematician – the Abel Prize.


(Go to YouTube “Niels Henrik Abel” to read the English sub-title)

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