The Study of Change

Mathematically Inclined

Calculus is the mathematical study of change. The way that we examine what happens at one point, and how things change when we examine the same concept somewhere else. Today we’re going to get a basic understanding of what Calculus is, what we can use it for and why it’s so scary.

According to Dr. Derek Martinez, a Math professor at UNM, Calculus classes have two purposes. The explicit purpose is to teach students how to do the math. The implicit purpose is to make engineering and medical students mentally stronger and intellectually prepared for future careers.

Many a student has made it through Algebra and Trigonometry classes only to be cut down to size by the dreaded Calc 1 or worse, Calc 2. When you meet a surprisingly smart Psych major, or a meticulously picky Foreign Languages major, that probably means they decided at some point that integrals are…

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