It’s About the Process: Not the Answer

Beyond Traditional Math

When I first started teaching, I was always looking for the correct answer on a math problem. I would mark it wrong or right, there was no gray area.  I began to change my thinking a bit when I noticed my students weren’t really growing.  I knew that I needed to do something differently, so I began to start looking at the process of their thinking so that I could give direct feedback to help them get better.

If you think about it, we do the same thing in reading.  We don’t expect students to become perfect readers overnight, so we give them reading strategies to become better. We look at their fluency, comprehension, how they monitor and self correct…we intervene and give feedback to help them.

With problem solving it can be the same way.  We can take a look at the work a student writes down and see…

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Author: mathtuition88

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