Book Review: Topology, James R. Munkres

Topology (2nd Edition)

This book is the best introductory book on Topology, a Maths module taken in university. I have wrote a short book review on it.


Book Review: Topology
Book’s Author: James R. Munkres
Title: Topology
Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 2000

It is often said that one must not judge a
book by its cover. The book with a plain
cover, simply titled Topology, is truly a rare
gem and in a class of its own among Topology
I. Content
One striking aspect of the book is that it is
almost entirely self-contained. As stated in
the preface, there are no formal subject matter
prerequisites for studying most of the book.
The author begins with a chapter on Set Theory
and Logic which covers necessary concepts like
DeMorgan’s laws, Countable and Uncountable
Sets, and the Axiom of Choice.


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