Displaying maths online, II

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As the previous discussion on displaying mathematics on the web has become quite lengthy, I am opening a fresh post to continue the topic.  I’m leaving the previous thread open for those who wish to respond directly to some specific comments in that thread, but otherwise it would be preferable to start afresh on this thread to make it easier to follow the discussion.

It’s not easy to summarise the discussion so far, but the comments have identified several existing formats for displaying (and marking up) mathematics on the web (mathMLjsMath, MathJaxOpenMath), as well as a surprisingly large number of tools for converting mathematics into web friendly formats (e.g.  LaTeX2HTMLLaTeXMathML, LaTeX2WPWindows 7 Math Inputitex2MMLRitexGellmumathTeXWP-LaTeXTeX4htblahtexplastexTtHWebEQtechexplorer

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