An ancient Babylonian tablet known as Plimpton 322

Source: NY Times

One of my favorite YouTube Math Professors, Norman Wildberger, has made a historical math discovery: that the ancient Babylonian tablet known as Plimpton 322 is actually a trigonometric table.

“It’s a trigonometric table, which is 3,000 years ahead of its time,” said Daniel F. Mansfield of the University of New South Wales. Dr. Mansfield and his colleague Norman J. Wildberger reported their findings last week in the journal Historia Mathematica.

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Critique on the Modern Axiomatic Approach of Mathematics

This video is a rare critique of the axiomatic approach of modern mathematics. Worth viewing, to gain an alternative viewpoint. Very interesting and well-argued!

Quote by Professor Wildberger (PhD Yale):

I believe it was by having a closer look and think about Euclid. What he is doing is so very different from what modern mathematics is up to, that it naturally leads one to suspicions. One can tell that Euclid really honestly meant to start a logical development. The current axiomatics are exactly the opposite–they were tacked on at the end of a long development when all else failed, and clearly are just a backward attempt to keep up a framework for which other more direct supports proved impossible. When in doubt, resort to wishful thinking.