Cheap Portable Aircon

How to stay Cool in Singapore

Singapore’s heat and humidity makes it quite unbearable to live without an air-conditioner. Especially for students who study, a hot and humid environment makes it harder to concentrate.

For long term purposes, most families will install a split aircon system like Mitsubishi Starmex.

[S$1,898.00](▼58%)[MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC]Mitsubishi Inverter Multi Split AirCon FN Series – SYS. 2 – 4 [5 Ticks]


However, for short term purposes (e.g. rental, or do not want the hassle of installing a permanent air-con), a portable aircon is the solution. A portable aircon will be enough to cool a small room (i.e. most HDB rooms and small Condo rooms).

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy those mist fans, they are close to useless since Singapore’s humidity is already close to 90%. Those mist fans work well in hot and dry desert-like environments, possible like Saudi Arabia or Australia. They work by making the mist evaporate, which does not work well in Singapore due to the high humidity. Not to mention, the constant mist may lead to some mold problems.

You might as well buy a powerful fan with vortex action:



Cheap Portable Aircon Singapore

A good brand for cheap portable aircon is Europace. The last Europace portable aircon I bought lasted close to 10 years, and counting.

[S$399.00](▼51%)[Europace][LAST 5 SETS] EuropAce Portable AirCon (10KBTU / 12KBTU) (EPAC 12T8/10Q/10P/12P) – 5 YEARS WARRANTY*


This is another newer model of Europace:

[S$399.00](▼64%)[Europace]EuropAce Portable Air Conditioner with HepaCarbon filter 10K/12K/14K BTU- (EPAC 10T6/12T6/14T6)


A cheaper brand would be Trentios. This price is probably the cheapest for a brand new portable aircon.

[S$288.00](▼68%)[TRENTIOS]Trentios/Avolta Portable Aircon 10000/12000/14000 BTU / (Include Air Freshener/Dehumidifying)


Bonus Cooling Tip

Another good way of staying cool at home is to wear Uniqlo DRY-EX T-Shirts. They are much more cooling than cotton shirts. Wearing one of these can be equivalent to a drop of 1-2 degrees Celcius. Sometimes the online Uniqlo stores do have 50% discount, do grab them during the discount if possible.