Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Originally Wanted to be a Theoretical Physicist

The world’s richest man is currently Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Few people know that he was an undergraduate at Princeton with the goal of becoming a theoretical physicist! What made him change his mind? Watch the video below.

Summary: Jeff Bezos was stuck on a Partial Differential Equation (PDE) question for 3 hours. Even while collaborating with his room mate, he could not find the answer. Upon consulting his Sri Lankan genius classmate, “Yosantha”, Yosantha solved the problem almost instantaneously in his mind!

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viXra vs arXiv

viXra ( is the cousin of arXiv ( which are electronic archives where researchers can submit their research before being published on a journal.

The difference is that viXra allows anyone to submit their article, whereas arXiv requires an academic affiliation to recommend before submitting. There are pros and cons to viXra, the pros being freedom of submission open to everyone on the world. The cons is that, naturally, there may be more crackpots who submit nonsense.

There are, however, some serious papers on viXra.

After submitting, the viXra admin will send an email something like this:

Thank you for your submission request to

Your submission has now been uploaded and is available at

Please check and let us know is there are any errors. If everything is OK please do not reply to this mail.
If you do not see it on some of the listing pages this may be due to caching in your web browser, please clear the cache and reload
If you need to replace the document you should use the replacement form and enter the viXra number
If you need to make any changes on the abstract page without changing the PDf document (e.g. authors, title, comment, abstract), use the change web form.
Links to the forms are provided at
please note that does not do cross-listings to other subject categories
The search feature on viXra is dependent on Google and will update with changes when they reindex. This may take a few days.

The details of the submission were as follows:

Thank you for using our service at
Regards, the viXra admin

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