SOSD Flag Day (Help Stray Dogs)

If you are free do go support SOSD in their Flag day!

Sign up here:


TIME: 9am to 6pm

In a few months, we will be moving to our new shelter, and we wanted to begin this new chapter, with a very special Flag Day for 2018 – for the first time, we will be organising a combined Flag Day for SOSD , Animal Lovers League – ALL Authorized Page, and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter – OSCAS

If you wish do you your part on 4 Mar 2018, do sign up as a Flag Collector, or join us at the event!

We will be bringing 40 to 50 dogs.You will find HDB-Approved dogs, young puppies, and adult dogs!

Donate to SOSD (very pitiful dog)

Recently chanced upon SOSD Facebook, and saw this dog, with a very serious maggot wound. They have a few other such dogs under medical care too. Just to spread some awareness through my blog, as not many people have heard of SOSD. Do donate any amount (through their Donation page) if you can afford. It is hard to imagine how did they get such wounds, and the pain they must be suffering.

Update (from SOSD Facebook):
Thank you for your generosity and kindness. We have reached our target amount for August. Stay in tune for update on his development coming soon.

August needs your help!

Sweet-natured August was first spotted hiding in the workers’ dormitories with a large maggot-infested wound on the back of his neck.

Being awfully shy and afraid of strangers, August proved to be a challenging rescue to our volunteers. After a few nights of futile attempts, we finally succeeded with the help of a dog trapper.

Clinical examinations revealed that his blood count was very low, and the poor boy was also diagnosed with Babesia Gibsoni, a dangerous strain of tick fever.

Over the past two months, our volunteers have carefully tended to his wound and with medication, his tick fever is resolved. Due to the severity of the wound, he still has not fully recovered and will continue to require medical attention.

Although August is still rather shy and takes a while to warm up to people, he has been very gentle and mild-mannered, allowing our volunteers to clean his wound and carry him without making a fuss.

Newly sterilized, August is well on his way to becoming a healthy and strong doggy. To date, his vet bills total $1,600 so we are appealing to charitable dog lovers to help cover the accumulating costs. Please help us with the bills if you can. Any amount will be most appreciated!

To donate via GivingSg, please click on this link:

August is HDB-approved, if you would like to adopt, please fill in this form:

SOSD Dog Adoption Drive

Just saw this. SOSD (something like SPCA for dogs) is organizing an adoption drive tomorrow 22 Oct Sunday. So if you are interested to see the dogs and perhaps adopt one, you are free to attend (above One-North MRT Station).

I read on their Facebook that they are facing some problems due to too many stray dogs, their “enclosures are all full; we do not even have space in our quarantine unit to house any more dogs”.

They also do have dogs suitable for HDB, under this project called Project ADORE. If more dog lovers adopt instead of buy, the problem of stray dogs in Singapore can be solved humanely.