J-PACT Recommended Books

What is J-PACT / PACT

J-PACT is basically a test that foreigners / overseas Singaporeans must take in order to study in MOE Junior Colleges in Singapore. The benefits of studying in MOE schools (over international schools) is that the school fees are cheaper, and the student gets to integrate better into Singapore’s culture. Another benefit is to study Chinese in schools.

PACT is the primary/secondary school version of J-PACT, for students seeking to enter primary/secondary school (Grade 1-10) in Singapore.

More information: http://www.pact.sg/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=95

J-PACT Books and Past Year Sample Papers

According to this website by experienced expats, the best books to study for the J-PACT / PACT are by the publisher Shinglee.

For J-PACT, you would want to study books from Secondary 1-4. For instance, this is the Secondary 2 Math Textbook by Shinglee (recommended):

New Syllabus Mathematics 2

Shinglee also has Math Workbooks which are more for students to practice on.
New Syllabus Mathematics 2 Workbook

For students who have strong foundation, they can just read the Secondary 3-4 books. For students who are weaker in the subject, it is recommended to work through all the Secondary 1-4 books.

New Syllabus Mathematics 4

For Sample Papers / Past Year Papers for J-PACT, there don’t seem to be any on the web. What students can do is to try out local school papers (Secondary 4) to get an idea of the required level. Do check out this page on Math Resources where there are E Maths/ A Maths notes bundled with exam papers for practice. Students in Singapore at the secondary level usually study double maths (E Maths and A Maths), where E Maths is elementary level maths (e.g. basic geometry and algebra), and A Maths covers more advanced material like calculus and trigonometry.