JC Ranking Points Automatic Calculator

There is a great deal of confusion over how to calculate your JC Ranking Points. It would be calculated automatically after your exams, but it is good to learn how to calculate it by yourself!

New: JC Ranking Points Calculator App!

I have just written an automatic JavaScript App to calculate JC Ranking or UAS Score. To use, just make sure your JavaScript is enabled in your browser, and you are ready to calculate!

I also have written an article (one of my most popular posts) on how to calculate JC Ranking Points:

What is the JC Ranking Point System?

Basically, the JC Ranking Point system is a numerical system where students take their three best H2 subjects and assign a numerical value to their grade (A: 20, B: 17.5, C: 15 and so on in intervals of 2.5). Then, their next best H2 subject (or H1 subject) would be assigned half the points (A: 10, B: 8.75, C: 7.5, and so on). PW (Project Work) and GP (General Paper) will also be following the H1 point scheme. (A: 10, B: 8.75, C: 7.5, and so on)

If a student takes Mother Tongue (MTL), it will also follow the H1 point scheme, and the total points will be scaled to 90 points. (by dividing by 100 and then multiplying by 90).

This system gives a numerical way to distinguish between students for admission to university. E.g. just by grades, it is hard to tell who did better: a student who got ABC/A, or ABB/B, but ranking points may provide a distinguishing factor.

H2 Math Notes

If you are still in JC or even doing O Levels, and checking this Rank Point System out, you still have time to change your destiny! Do check out the Highly Condensed Math Notes bundled with Exam Papers for practice!

You may also want to read some Motivational Books to motivate yourself to study. If you are in JC, you are one of the brightest in Singapore already, but however one still needs immense motivation to push through the two intensive years of JC and emerge victorious.