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School System Video (Do not make a fish climb trees)

Singapore is being mentioned around 4:54. Very nice video. The truth is that the classroom of today is still nearly the same as the classroom of 150 years ago. There needs to be a “Educational Revolution” parallel to that of … Continue reading

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Kids struggling in math? Try this “magic” method from Japan (VIDEO)

URL: Aleteia It’s an Asian-style mathematics similar to Common Core that’s actually fun to do. Confession time: I’m terrible at math. I don’t just mean like “struggled with calculus” bad, I mean like “had to watch YouTube videos to relearn … Continue reading

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How to choose a toilet using Mathematics

We have seen how to cut a cake using the mathematical way, but did you know Mathematics can also be used when choosing toilets? Here’s how: Featured book: Common Core Math 4 Today, Grade 4: Daily Skill Practice (Common Core … Continue reading

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