Boric Acid Singapore

In Singapore, cockroaches are impossible to completely eradicate due to the tropical climate which is ideal for cockroaches. In many other countries, a common method to kill cockroaches is using Boric Acid. Boric acid is considered a natural substance, and is effective at killing cockroaches. It works as a “stomach poison affecting the insects’ metabolism, and the dry powder is abrasive to the insects’ exoskeletons”. As such, it is impossible to develop a “resistance” to boric acid, unlike for insecticides where numerous cockroaches are now immune to insecticides.

Boric acid is also considered non-toxic, it is similar to table salt in its toxicity level. Boric acid has a “secondary kill” effect: cockroaches who die will be eaten by other cockroaches, leading to a chain reaction of cockroach deaths. Hence, it is more effective than sprays or traps which only kill the cockroach that is targeted.

However, when one starts to look for boric acid in Singapore, it is quite hard to find it in the pure powder form. Whether it is banned, or is simply not popular, it seems that no one on the internet knows.

I found a cockroach bait containing Boric Acid in Qoo10 below. It is a Malaysian brand. It is written on the packaging that boric acid is the active ingredient, and I also double confirmed with their Facebook customer service. Here it is:


[$2.60](▼43%)Pesso Eco Cockroach Bait


Cockroach from HDB Rubbish Chute

Another problem about old HDB estates is the interior rubbish chute. Though very convenient, it is also a direct pathway for cockroaches to enter your home. The solution is to install a new air-tight rubbish chute hopper such that the cockroaches cannot pass through.

[$175.00](▼42%)2018 Stainless Steel Rubbish Chute Hopper Installation 1 year warranty.


Cool Fact: Cockroaches are becoming Endangered/Extinct in Russia (and other post-Soviet states)

Quite amazing that the cockroach, which is one of the most hardy animals, is actually becoming endangered/extinct in Russia? Possibly the cold weather has something to do with it, in addition to modern technology. Any Russian readers would like to confirm that this is true?

A side note that in tropical Singapore, cockroaches are far from endangered despite frequent fuming and spraying of insecticides, usually at the rubbish chutes. In fact, in most HDB apartments, spraying insecticides at the rubbish chutes actually may increase the number of cockroaches in the house due to those escaping/flying from the rubbish chute where they ordinarily live.


Quote: A mass depopulation of cockroaches has been observed since the beginning of the 21st century in Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Observers have noted a quick disappearance of various types of cockroaches from cities and towns in Russia, AzerbaijanKazakhstanUkraineMoldova, and Belarus.

Another source:

Quote: House cockroaches began to disappear in Moscow during the beginning of the 2000s. Many Russians were even making jokes about it saying that it was one of advantages of Putin’s regime.