Butterfly Pea Health Benefits (Research Papers)

Butterfly Pea Tea is a blue colored tea from the Butterfly Pea flower. It is apparently not very well known outside Thailand (and some other countries). Even in Singapore, which is a South East Asian country, few people know it.

(I bought the dried flowers from Qoo10. Quite good quality from this seller, sourced from Thailand, and nice air-tight packaging.)

Here are some health benefits of Butterfly Pea Tea (from this website).

We only choose sources from published journal articles as they are more reliable.

  1. Protection of Clitoria ternatea flower petal extract against free radical-induced hemolysis and oxidative damage in canine erythrocytes.
  2. Inhibitory effect of Clitoria ternatea flower petal extract on fructose-induced protein glycation and oxidation-dependent damages to albumin in vitro.
  3. Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic Properties

Basically, from what I understand, the benefits of Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) is that it is an anti-oxidant, potentially useful to prevent diabetes, and also anti-inflammatory and may have some mild painkilling properties (analgesic).

Quite interesting, I may decide to plant it in the future! Another interesting property is that if you add acid (e.g. lemon juice or lime juice), the color changes from blue to purple!

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