Very Motivational: Billionaire Sara Blakely’s Secret of Success and her Favorite Motivational Author

Just read an amazing article about self-made billionaire Sara Blakely.

First amazing story is this.

Early in his own career Sara’s father learned that failure is part of success. That in order to be successful at anything in life, you were going to experience some failures along the way. Sara’s father went to great lengths to instill this simple success principle in the lives and minds of his children.

Once or twice a week at the dinner table the elder Blakely would ask his children what they failed at that week. He would stress that if they had not failed at something it meant that had not tried or attempted something new. This instilled a deep belief in Sara’s mind that failure is not the outcome; the real failure was in not trying.

Being able to see failure as just another stepping stone to success would play a big part in Sara Blakely’s struggles later in life as she began to build her company, SPANX.

This is really interesting. This is one good thing about American culture, which explains why Americans are willing to take risks. How many parents in Asia will ask the same thing? Not many, I would estimate.

Second amazing story is this, the power of motivational books. Most people would think that motivational books are hype, or “BS”, to put it mildly. True, 90% of them may be nonsense, but the top tier ones are good, and possibly life-changing.

Over a relatively short period of time a series of events occurred in young Sara Blakely’s life that would set most young people back in a dramatic way.

Recognizing that his daughter was going through very tough times, the elder Mr. Blakely gave his daughter a set of tapes by Dr. Wayne Dyer titled How to Be a No-Limit Person.

Today, Sara Blakely gives almost all of the credit for her success in life to the success principles she learned as a teenager from that one set of motivational tapes by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Your Erroneous Zones: Step-by-Step Advice for Escaping the Trap of Negative Thinking and Taking Control of Your Life

This is the top-selling and most popular Wayne Dyer book of all time. Also check out this post on Motivational Books for students.

Sara Blakely on failure: