What About Tutoring Instead of Pills?

Just read this interesting article, which is also related to education. Personally, I am highly skeptical of doctors who prescribe expensive pills / surgery for ailments that require neither. Thankfully there is the internet nowadays so one can research personally instead of believing the doctor who may have his own interests in mind, i.e. maximum profit.

SPIEGEL Interview with Jerome Kagan: ‘What About Tutoring Instead of Pills?’

Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan is one of the world’s leading experts in child development. In a SPIEGEL interview, he offers a scathing critique of the mental-health establishment and pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of incorrectly classifying millions as mentally ill out of self-interest and greed.

Kagan has been studying developmental psychology at Harvard University for his entire professional career. He has spent decades observing how babies and small children grow, measuring them, testing their reactions and, later, once they’ve learned to speak, questioning them over and over again. For him, the major questions are: How does personality emerge? What traits are we born with, and which ones develop over time? What determines whether someone will be happy or mentally ill over the course of his or her life?

Source: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/child-psychologist-jerome-kagan-on-overprescibing-drugs-to-children-a-847500.html