Math Problem of the Month

Do feel free to try out the Math Problem of the Month! (by Bilkent University)

Students (Sec 4 / age 16) may also wish to try our Maths Challenge. 🙂

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For Math Problem of the Month (elementary level), do check out Mr. P’s Math Problems. The problems are well crafted, and quite suitable for children from grades 1-8 (elementary/primary school to junior high/middle school).


2 thoughts on “Math Problem of the Month”

  1. How do you prepare yourself for undergrad level math competition? I will only enter university in the next academic year but am participating in a math competition for undergrads and im feeling unprepared.

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    1. I have not participated in undergrad level math competition before. I suppose the preparation should be similar to Olympiad math, with added focus on calculus. I do see quite a lot of integral questions in undergrad competitions, for instance. Good luck!


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