Free Exam Papers / Free Test Papers (Primary, Secondary, O Levels, A Levels) Download

Free Exam Papers / Free Test Papers

I have compiled some links on Free Exam Papers and resources that I use when I source for questions for my Maths Tuition students to practice. (Free Exam Papers Links to be found below) The content below is arranged in the order: Free Primary Exam Papers, Free Secondary / O Level Exam Papers, Free JC / A Level Exam Papers.

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For purchasing Exam Papers, I recommend going to Bras Basah Complex, where many shops sell Exam Papers, as well as Ten Year Series (second hand).

Firstly let me introduce an inspirational Maths Book by Mathematician George Polya. This is one of the most famous books of mathematics ever written, second only to Euclid’s “Elements”. I personally own the book and found it to be a very good read. It introduced me to the beauty of mathematics, and inspired me to major in Mathematics in university. Highly recommended for students who want to learn more about the philosophy behind solving Mathematics problems.

How To Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method

Sometimes, students don’t do well in Maths because of lack of interest in Maths. Once a student is interested in Maths, it is very likely that his or her results will improve naturally. Hence, cultivating passion in Mathematics is a long term strategy to improve one’s Maths results. I will recommend other books at the end of the post.

Small Group Maths Tuition at Bishan

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Free Exam Paper / Free Test Paper Links:


1) Free Exam Paper (Primary) Link 1

Excellent website for downloading free exam papers for primary level. Highly recommended.

2) Free Exam Paper (Primary) Link 2

Click on “Test Paper Database ” on the Left Navigation Panel. Many exam papers in PDF format. Login is necessary though.

3) Free Chinese Exam Papers


The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos

Click here for: Other Free Exam Papers — Compendium

O Levels

1) Free Exam Paper (O Levels) Link 1

Siglap Secondary Maths Free Exam Papers

2) Free Exam Paper (O Levels) Link 2

10 Sets of Prelim Free Exam Papers (A Maths)

3) Free Exam Paper (O Levels) Link 3

A treasure trove of E Math Prelim Papers (very recent papers)

Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail

A Levels

1) Free Exam Paper (A Levels) Link 1

JC H2 Maths Prelim Free Exam Papers

2) Free Exam Paper (A Levels) Link 2

Personally crafted free Maths practice Question Sets for all students/educators (A Level Maths Resource Site)

  • Need help in keeping track of all the H2 Maths Formulae, e.g. those hard to remember Vectors formulae? 90% of H2 Maths questions can be solved simply by applying the formula correctly, remembering the formula correctly is an essential prerequisite. Check out our Highly Condensed Notes for H2 Maths! (Free Exam Papers to accompany each resource)

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Other Free Exam Papers — Compendium

Other recommended Books to increase interest in Mathematics:

Math, Better Explained: Learn to Unlock Your Math Intuition
Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks
A Beautiful Mind

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

This book is the Encyclopedia of Mathematics. It can be used up to university level and beyond. I used it for my honours project on Quantum Groups. Recommended for students who intend to pursue maths-related subjects in university (e.g. engineering, physical sciences, computer science)

Solving Mathematical Problems: A Personal Perspective

Excellent book on solving maths problems by Fields Medalist and IMO Gold Medalist Terence Tao

Recommended Tip for finding Free Exam Papers

Also, feel free to check out my post on Using Google “filetype” filter to search for Free Exam Papers.

Science & Math Books from

Mathability: Awaken the Math Genuis in Your Child by Shakuntala Devi (listed in Guinness World Record as “Human Computer” for feats in Mental calculation)

Also, do check out:

Recommended Books for GEP

List of Singapore School Abbreviations (Some included in the Free Exam Paper Links):
ACS (J) – Anglo-Chinese Junior School
ACPS – Anglo-Chinese Primary School
ACS – Anglo-Chinese School
ACS(I) – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
ACSS – Anglo-Chinese Secondary School
ACJC – Anglo-Chinese Junior College
AHS – Anglican High School
AISS – Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Australian International School Singapore
AJC – Anderson Junior College
BPGHS – Bukit Panjang Government High School
CCHS – Chung Cheng High School
CCSS – Changkat Changi Secondary School
CHIJ – Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus
CHS – Catholic High School, Singapore
CJC – Catholic Junior College
DHS – Dunman High School
GCE – General Certificate of Education
GEP – Gifted Education Programme
GIS – Global Indian School
HCI – Hwa Chong Institution
HCJC – Hwa Chong Junior College, now merged with The Chinese High School as Hwa Chong Institution.
HS – Hougang Secondary School
IP – Integrated Programme
JJC – Jurong Junior College
MGS – Methodist Girls’ School
MI – Millennia Institute
MJC – Meridian Junior College
MJR – Manjusri Secondary School
MSL – Marsiling Secondary School
MUIS – Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore)
NAFA – Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
NJC – National Junior College
NP – Ngee Ann Polytechnic
NTPS – New Town Primary School
NTU – Nanyang Technological University
NUS – National University of Singapore
NUSHS – National University of Singapore High School of Mathematics and Science
NYGH – Nanyang Girls’ High School
NYK – Nanyang Kindergarten
NYP – Nanyang Polytechnic
NYPS – Nanyang Primary School
NYJC – Nanyang Junior College
OSS – Outram Secondary School
PHS – Presbyterian High School
PJC – Pioneer Junior College
RGPS – Raffles Girls’ Primary School
RGS – Raffles Girls’ School
RI – Raffles Institution
RJ or RJC – Raffles Junior College
RMPS – Radin Mas Primary School
RP – Republic Polytechnic
RVHS – River Valley High School, Singapore
SAJC – St Andrew’s Junior College
SAS – Singapore American School
SCGS – Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
SGSS – Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School
SJI – St. Joseph’s Institution
SJII – St. Joseph’s Institution International
SJIJ – St. Joseph’s Institution Junior
SMSS – St. Margaret’s Secondary School
SMU – Singapore Management University
SP – Singapore Polytechnic
SPS – Saint Patrick’s School
SRJC – Serangoon Junior College
SST – School of Science and Technology, Singapore
SUTD – Singapore University of Technology and Design
SVPS – South View Primary School
SYAS – San Yu Adventist School
TCHS – The Chinese High School, now merged with Hwa Chong Junior College as Hwa Chong Institution.
TJC – Temasek Junior College
TKGS – Tanjong Katong Girls’ School
TKSS – Tanjong Katong Secondary School
TNS – Tao Nan School
TP – Temasek Polytechnic
TPJC – Tampines Junior College
TPS – Tampines Primary School
TPSS – Tampines Secondary School
TTC – Trinity Theological College, Singapore
TTS – Tanglin Trust School
TSS – Tanglin Secondary School
VJC – Victoria Junior College
VS – Victoria School
YJC – Yishun Junior College
YTSS – Yishun Town Secondary School

Types of Free Exam Papers in Singapore:

CA1 – Continual Assessment 1
CA2 – Continual Assessment 2
SA1 – Semester Assessment 1
SA2 – Semester Assessment 2
Prelim – Preliminary Exam
Promo – Promotional Exam (for JC 1)
GAT – General Ability Test
GEP – Gifted Education Programme

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