Meaningful learning VS rote learning (Featured Post)

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In the last decade, the Singapore educational system has become a global leader in the education field, helping exemplary pupils to be accepted in the worlds best universities. But with the increasing competitiveness of those top tier universities, students are faced with mounting pressure to excel in every aspect which might have an impact on their exams. This has led to the mass implementation of ‘rote learning’ in Asia, where students focus more on memorising knowledge than the full comprehension of the concepts behind it.

What is ‘rote learning’ and what’s wrong with it?

From the earliest days of schooling, rote learning is an essential tool to efficiently memorize educational fundamentals.  It is a knowledge acquisition process based on repetition. Simply put, make a child say the alphabet every day for 6 months, and they will remember it ‘forever’. This is of course the most obvious way of learning and no other method could be better suited for the developing mind of an infant, as the concepts taught are simple in nature, and do not require a broader knowledge base.

Though, as one progresses through the ranks and gets shifted through the numerous streams put into place by the MOE, new knowledge starts to build upon old concepts, some aspects converging, others diverging, and all of if defining a complex web of knowledge which requires the student to delve into a deeper state understanding if he is to find any further use to it.

How many of us wonder at one point or another: Why am I learning this?

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In the last decade, the Singapore educational system has become a global leader in the education field...[read more]

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