Ohm Electricity Review

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It includes 5 strong reasons to choose Ohm as your electricity provider!

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Ohm Website “Flickering” or Refreshing?

Official Solution: Hi, the cause is most likely due to a cache and time-out issue. You could clear the cookies and cache, close off all the browsers and open that up again. Alternatively, you can also use a private “incognito browser” if you are using Chrome as your browser. Let us know if you still face issues and we will be happy to assist. Thank you, Team Ohm.

Ohm Energy: Free second electricity bill

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing Ohm and successfully signing up with us from 1 November 2018. To show our appreciation, your second electricity bill for the premises you registered with us is free.

You will also find more information on the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion (OhmNow and Save) on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our friendly Customer Care at 1800-835-6463 or customer-care@ohm.sg for further assistance.


Team Ohm


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