Useful Things to Know About Science Centre Singapore Before Visiting

Singapore has a reputation for not only being one of the most toured countries in Asia, but also for being a perfect place to incorporate a business. This is strongly attributed to its excellent tourist spots and also regulations that can allow even a foreigner to set up a business in Singapore. If you are a foreigner, you just need a Visa Express entrepass to start a new business or to relocate an existing one to Singapore. If you want to take a vacation in the next few months, then Singapore is the perfect place for you to go. If you are traveling with your children, you can rest assured that the kids will have an unforgettable experience from all the fun they will have. One of the places you can visit is Science Centre Singapore, situated at Jurong East, which is a museum full of exhibitions and learning opportunities for children. If you want to visit this place, here are some useful things you need to know.

1. Free entry for Singaporeans and permanent residents on specific days
When is the right time for you to visit Science Centre Singapore? If you are a Singaporean or a permanent resident, it is recommended that you visit during the off-peak days when you are not required to pay any entry fee. The off-peak days are usually normal weekdays during school time, excluding all public holidays. School holidays, public holidays, and weekends are usually the peak days, and visiting at these times means you will have to pay an entry fee. However, if you are a Singaporean or a permanent resident, you will still get a discounted entry fee during the peak days.

2. Extra admission charges
There are special exhibitions in Science Centre Singapore located at the Annex, which require extra fees if you want to view them. Science Centre Singapore also has areas like the Butterflies Up-Close Exhibition, which likewise demands additional entry fees.

3. Closed dates
Science Centre Singapore is open almost year-round, but it is closed on certain dates each month of the year. While most of these closure dates usually fall on Mondays (but not every Monday), it is recommended that you visit Science Centre Singapore’s website in order to get a full schedule outlining the closure dates. This is to make sure that you avoid making a trip there when it is closed.

4. Science shows
For the entire day, Science Centre Singapore conducts engaging science shows for its visitors. These shows include the dramatic and electrifying Tesla Oil Demonstration, as well as the Fire Tornado Demonstration. Just like with the closure dates, you can check out their website to find out the times for the shows.

5. Where to eat
You may be planning to spend a full day at Science Centre Singapore, and it is thus convenient to know where you can have your meals. The most convenient joints are the Coffee Bee, located at the Annex, or McDonald’s, situated at the main entrance. For additional dining options, you can go to the Omni Theatre Building, where you will find the Lijiang Restaurant and a kids’ cafe.


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