Life Beyond Grades (

Do check out this new website (, which as its name implies is about emphasizing that school life is not all about grades, even in Singapore. It is kind of an official website, being funded by National Youth Council (see their FAQ.)

It is good that nowadays parents, teachers and the education sector has started to realize that grades is not everything in life. The FAQ section is very interesting and actually kind of reveals the future direction that Singapore education is heading towards. A few key points:

  • “Why can’t we do away with the PSLE” –> Implication: PSLE is never going to be scrapped, at least not in the near future.
  • “Why can’t we do away with CL2” —> Mother Tongue is here to stay for the time being.

Their article section is quite new, but also contains good articles. Do check out the “What is LQ” talk featuring Jack Ma.

Related: Check out Jamie Yeo’s PSLE score here. Hint: It is enough to enter most if not all secondary schools.



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