Win Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 Coupé by donating to charity

This charity is featured in Straits Times and the New Paper. Basically, you buy a $20 ticket (comes with T-shirt) which will go to a charity of your choice. The main point is that there is a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz. Most youngsters in Singapore can’t afford a car, not to mention a Mercedes, so this is a great prize. (If you don’t drive, you can sell the car.) Also, foreigners (excluding US citizens) can take part (see their FAQ for more details)

Currently, there are only 577 tickets purchased, so your chance of winning is 1/577 which is quite high compared to other lotteries like 4D or Toto. The draw date is 02 Nov 2018, which is quite close. They will apparently go ahead with the draw even if their target number of tickets (50000) is not met.

To take part, go to their official website at:

Please use this referral code RGNTSAWS when signing up. Thanks!


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