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Below are two French Baccalaureate Math textbooks (Volume 1 & 2) for Grade 12th (or Junior College Year 2, GCE A Level, Lycée: Terminale C) students in the late 1970s.

There was a strong Bourbaki style of influence in this Math teaching, which was later criticized as being too abstract and less applied for 18-year-old students.

Nevertheless, the syllabus proved to be excellent for those Math-inclined young minds who later entered the special 2-year Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles – Preparatory class (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) for graduate schools in crème de la crème top universities (Grandes Écoles ) such as Ecole Normale Supérieure or Ecole Polytechnique , where the solid Preparatory Math trainings (Maths Supérieures, Maths Spéciales) are extremely rigorous and high standard, incubating most of the French great mathematicians, Fields Medalists and Nobel Prize Scientists.

Voici les 2 tomes de Mathematiques Terminales C et E

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