Singapore Families with Many Children

In Singapore, having 5 kids is so rare that even the newspaper reports it!

Another related video is about raising 7 kids in modern Singapore:

This YouTube video is only a short excerpt, for those who want to watch the full series, it is available on Toggle, under the title of “Full House”.

Source 1: Starting a family of 7 in Singapore at the age of 21 (Family of 7 in this case means 5 kids and 2 adults apparently, not 7 kids.)

Source 2: Raising 7 children on under S$3,000 a month in Singapore

(These are two separate stories, the first is about a family with 5 kids, the second is with 7 children.)

It seems that the biggest worry for most families (be it big or small) is still their children’s education.


Her husband’s absence or his relationship with their children, however, is not her biggest concern. “My greatest worry is Bryan. His PSLE,” she declared.

Her Primary 6 son seems to be more interested in playing – or fighting – with his siblings than in his coming examinations.

Said his mother: “He doesn’t really bother about his studies, but I can’t push him … because the more you push him, the more he doesn’t want (to listen).”

Growing up dyslexic and recently diagnosed with hearing difficulties, Bryan has been struggling in school. And in a family of seven, it has been hard to devote attention and resources to just one child.

We did try giving them tuition. It did help, but it’s quite costly, so we cut down,” Mrs Lim said. “Nick and I are still … working out with teachers – taking (their) advice – how to handle him.

“But he’s a very stubborn boy, and he keeps everything to himself, so it’s kind of hard to get him to open up.”

His parents only want him to pass his subjects, but in his recent report card, he passed only his English out of three subjects.

“I did try, but … I always end up with only a few more marks (needed) to pass,” said the 12-year-old, who had to then promise his parents that he would do better or else they would take away his phone.


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