Yijing & Orchestra Conductor

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The Orchestra conductor has been asked to conduct a series of concert for 2 consecutive months.
The Orchestra has to play few pieces of classical music with the following conditions requested by the organising committee:

1) Play at least 1 piece of music a day;
2) Avoid playing exactly the same music in 2 consecutive days (although partially is allowed)
3) Due to resource constraint, it is impossible to play all pieces of music within a single day.

At least how many (N) pieces of music the conductor has to prepare in order to fulfill these conditions?

Using Yijing (易经)notation:
* a piece of music being played in a day is denoted by
__ (solid line);
while not being played is denoted by
– – (broken line)
* 2 consecutive months in any year have maximum 62 (= 31+31) days.
* A bagua (8…

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