Bill Gates Returns to Harvard to Talk : Math55

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Bill Gates, a top Math student at Harvard entrance exams, recalled his first year Harvard “Math55” Course (Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra) – the toughest at his time because 4 years of Math coursewares condensed into 1 year (2 semesters) !

Note: Harvard “Math55” is even tougher than the “notorious” French Classe Préparatoire, which is a 3-year Math undergraduate courseware squeezed in 2 years : 1st year (code-name “un-demi” or “1/2”) Mathématiques Supérieures; 2nd year (“trois-demi” or “3/2”) Mathématiques Spéciales.

Math55 Syllabus:
Though Math 55 bore the official title “Honors Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra”, advanced topics in complex analysis, point set topology, group theory, and/or differential geometry could be covered in depth at the discretion of the instructor, in addition to single and multivariable real analysis and abstract linear algebra. In 1970, for example, students studied thedifferential geometryofBanach…

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