Change traffic light rules to prevent further casualties (Singapore)

This petition is important to save future lives. The traffic rules should be machine controlled, i.e. clearly dictated by traffic lights whether to turn or not. In this way, there will be less error due to human judgement.


Quote: “Two accidents involving fatalities this week have prompted this petition. Roads have been widened significantly in recent years, with new lanes added and as such it is difficult to have field of vision of so many lanes, pedestrians, mobility devices, and fast moving oncoming cars all at once to make an informed and safe judgement.

Requesting LTA to determine if it is still safe to keep to discretionary turning on green given the growth in sizes of junctions (such as the Commonwealth Ave West/Clementi Road and Upper Bukit Timah/Jln Anak Bukit junctions) and to work on improving the safety of all road users.

Thank you”


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