The Inventors of the 10 Computer languages

Math Online Tom Circle

  1. Python (Dutch Guido van Rossum, 1956)
  2. Java (Canadian James Gosling 1955)
  3. Javascript (USA Brendan Eich, 1961)
  4. C (USA Dennis Ritchie, 1941 – 2011 )
  5. C++ (Denmark Bjarne Stroustrup, 1950)
  6. Ruby (JAPAN Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, 1965)
  7. Perl (USA Larry Wall, 1954)
  8. Pascal (Switzerland Niklaus Wirth, 1934)
  9. Lisp (USA John McCarthy, 1927 – 2011)
  10. PHP (Denmark Rasmus Lerdorf, 1968)

Below the 3 hotest Functional Programming language influenced by Lisp:

11. Kotlin(Russia Andrey Breslav)

12. Scala (USA Martin Odersky)

13. Haskell (USA)

14. Clojure (USA Rich Hickey)

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