The Most Accomplished 10-Year-Old (Gifted pupil)

Pan Annan is probably the most accomplished 10 Year-old student in Singapore, or perhaps even in the world.

Her list of accomplishments:

  • International rhythmic gymnastics champion
  • Youngest member of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO), where she plays the Pipa
  • Gifted Education Programme (GEP)
  • Math Olympiad trainee
  • Raffles Girls’ Primary pupil

Any one of the above accomplishments is enough to stand out among 10 year-olds, and she has all of them! The most amazing is how she manages her time. I am familiar with Chinese Orchestra trainings, that alone is enough to account for quite a significant amount of time after school, since there is group practicing, sectional practicing, not to mention practicing alone. Possibly Chinese Orchestra alone adds up to a minimum of 5-10 hours per week.

Also, the workload from RGPS GEP is very demanding. Her schedule and timetable can only be achieved with 100% efficiency and focus. (She even does her homework in the car to maximize efficiency and save time.)

Parents may want to read my previous blog post on Book by Truly Gifted Kid (GEP Book), where a similarly prodigious child genius Moshe Kai Cavalin outlines his secret, with input from his mom on parenting. Also, as you can see, the standard for GEP students nowadays is very high, you may read Recommended Books for GEP Selection Test and How to Get Into GEP for some tips on how to do some foundational preparation for the GEP.

Sincerely all the best to Pan Annan for achieving her dreams of being a gymnastic champion.

Read more at: Channel News Asia


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