NTUC Fairprice Receipt Number

For those participating in lucky draws, often it requires you to SMS the NTUC Fairprice Receipt Number. However, the latest version of NTUC receipts, upon closer inspection contains many numbers but none that are explicitly specified as “receipt number”.

In the old NTUC receipt, the receipt number is clearly stated.

What is NTUC Receipt Number?

It is extremely confusing to find the NTUC Receipt Number (out of the many numbers in the receipt). After some “research”, I come to the conclusion is that the receipt number is the same as the transaction number, labelled by Tr!

How I came to this conclusion: Look at the image above. The receipt number is 65539, the transaction number is Tr: 65539. It matches, right? Hence, it is logical that the NTUC Fairprice receipt number is precisely the Tr (transaction) number.

Similarly, I believe that this logic applies to Giant, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage receipt numbers too, it should be the transaction number, in the event that the receipt number is not clearly stated in the receipt. Same for NTUC Finest, NTUC Extra and all other types of NTUC Fairprice receipts.

I hope this helps those who are desperately searching for the receipt number!

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