Louis-Le-Grand, un lycée d’élite 法国(巴黎)精英学校: 路易大帝中学

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Lycée Louis-Le-Grand is the best high school (lycée) for Math in France – if not in the world – it produced many world-class mathematicians, among them “the Father of Modern Math” in 19th century the genius Evariste Galois. (See also: Unknown Math Teacher produced two World’s Math Grand Master Students ), Molière, Victor Hugo, 3 French Presidents, etc.

Its Baccalaureat (A-level) result 100% passed with 75% scoring distinctions. Each year 1/4 of Ecole Polytechnique (France Top Engineering Grande Ecole) students come from here.

More surprisingly, the “Seconde” (Secondary 4) students learn Chinese Math since 6ème (PSLE Primary 6).

Note: Louis Le Grand (= Louis 14th). He sent the Jesuits (天主教的一支: 耶稣会传教士) as the “French King’s Mathematicians”(eg. Bouvet 白晋) to the 16-year-old Chinese Emperor (康熙) KangXi’s Court.

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