Singapore’s Only Live Turtle And Tortoise Museum Is Closing This March & Here’s How You Can Help

I have visited the Turtle Museum around 2015/2016. It was a very impressive collection of turtles and tortoises, right in the middle of the Chinese Gardens. Even includes rare species like the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

Quite sad to hear that they are closing down. Land price / rental in Singapore is notoriously expensive, so I can understand that having a space to house all those turtles is very hard in land-scarce Singapore. I would estimate that their rental would easily be at least S$10,000 a month for such a large space. They have kept the ticket prices low at just $5 for each person.

Do help by donating (, or even just sharing this news will help. Every share leads to more views and potentially more donors.


Singapore’s Chinese Garden is known for its imperial styled pagodas and arch building, but within all that beauty lies another: Singapore’s very own Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum.

A Guiness World Record Holder, the museum holds over 500 turtles and tortoises from 40 different species, ranging from the most dangerous alligator snapping turtle to the world’s 2nd largest tortoise species, the Giant Aldabra. All this is run by Connie Tan and a handful of workers, as part of her family’s legacy.

Unfortunately, this marvel may soon no longer be – the museum is scheduled to be evicted from Chinese Gardens by 31st March. We headed down to understand what drives Connie to keep this museum alive against all odds.

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