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3 Waves of AI Evolution:

1st Wave (1950s) : Alan Turing “The Father of AI” and his Princeton Prof Alonzo Church (Lambda Calculus). MIT Prof Malvin Minksy’s “Lisp” Functional Programming (a.k.a. Symbolic or Declarative) Language.

2nd Wave (1980s – 1990s) : Knowledge-Based Rule Engine Expert Systems.
Failed because knowledge acquisition process is too difficult with limited rigid rules.

3rd Wave (2010s -): DeepLearning is the latest AI tool for Machine Learning, famous after 2016 “AlphaGo” game by a former Funan-center UK Kid Demis Hassabis (UK/Greek father & Singapore Chinese mom teacher) beat 2 “Go” World Champions (Korean Lee Sedol李世乭 and China 柯洁).

Great Books Recommended

1. Learn Everything in 《Deep Learning》:

  • Math (eg. Gradient Descent – by French GrandMaster Cauchy 1847),
  • Linear Algebra (eg. Matrix, Eigen-decomposition),
  • Probability (eg. Bayesian, etc),
  • Key Deep Learning techniques.

Note: Available at Singapore National…

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