Citibank SMRT Credit Card Review ($120 Cashback Signup Bonus)

Sign up via this link to get $120 Cashback (Official Citibank site)

The Citibank SMRT card is one of the best credit cards in Singapore for your savings. It is very suitable for heartlander Singaporeans who spend mostly on groceries, transport and bills.

  • 5% savings* on groceries (7.3% for FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave)
  • 5% savings* on fast food, movies and coffee
  • 3% savings* on online shopping
  • Redeem for cash rebate, vouchers or SMRT rides
  • No convenience fee charge for EZ-Reload Auto Top-up transactions

To compare with another credit card (POSB Everyday), here are the benefits of Citibank SMRT over POSB Everyday. Note that you can have both cards to reap the maximum benefits too!

Citibank SMRT vs POSB Everyday Card

  • Citibank SMRT has 5% savings for Fairprice, Giant AND Sheng Siong. POSB everyday 5% rebate is only for Sheng Siong.
  • Citibank SMRT card has EZ-Reload Auto Top-up 2% savings. No other credit card in Singapore has this feature. (Please correct me if I am wrong)
  • 1% savings on insurance bills for ACE Insurance and Prudential. (POSB Everyday has recently excluded rebates for insurance, i.e. 0% rebate for insurance and in fact most payments other than Starhub and SP)
  • Citibank SMRT card has 5% savings at Selected Town Councils – Service and Conservancy Charges. (As mentioned, POSB Everyday has excluded most bill payments from earning rebates).
  • Citibank SMRT has 1% saving* on telecommunications bills (M1, Singtel, Starhub). POSB Everyday only works for Starhub.
  • Citibank SMRT has 2% savings on both Guardian’s and Watsons. To be fair, POSB Everyday has 3% savings on Watsons (only). So we should use Citibank SMRT for Guardian and POSB Everyday for Watsons.
  • Many other savings benefits (e.g. movies, Starbucks) for Citibank SMRT

(Information valid as of Jan 2018. Do check out the official sites: Citibank SMRT and POSB Everyday for updated official information.)

$120 Cashback for Signing up Citibank SMRT Card

Once again, to get $120 cashback for signing up for Citibank SMRT, sign up via this link here.


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