Highly Motivational Math Video (in Chinese)

This is actually one of the best motivational videos on Math I have seen. Unfortunately there is no English translation. It covers how useful Math is, and also some history of Math in ancient China. (It is rarely known, but China discovered negative numbers and calculated pi to high accuracy much earlier than in Western civilization.)

However, (according to the video), Math in ancient China went downhill in the Ming dynasty after it was scrapped from the imperial examination. Seems like removing Math from the examination syllabus is always a bad idea!

Finally, the video ends off with a note not to discourage budding mathematicians. Many budding mathematicians, will face strange looks from well-intentioned friends and society. Will learning math be useful or can it make money? Such thoughts can discourage people from learning mathematics (like the speaker himself).

By the way, at the start of the video, the speaker tells a humorous story of how he used Math to propose to his crush in England. This is related to my earlier post on Valentine’s Day Math on how to draw a heart using math.


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