Leibniz was a universal genius, but why is Isaac Newton more known? Does it have to do with Newton being British and Leibniz being German?

Answer by Albert Heisenberg, Science Historian M.A. Brown University

Leibniz’s formulation of differential and integral calculus was more refined, elegant, and ‘generalizable’ than Newton’s ‘fluxions.’ Leibniz, the natural genius that he was, became interested in mathematics much later in his life than Newton, and yet was able to generalize Descartes work on analytic geometry into calculus in a way that is so clear that till this day we still use Leibniz’s notation (e.g. dx/dy; his symbolism for time integration/differentiation, etc). Newton’s Principia is a work of incredible genius, but it is riddled with errors and inconsistent notation. As the co-founder of classical physics (along with Galileo) and the culmination of the scientific revolution, his legacy was deeply tied to the spread of natural philosophy as a mathematically rigorous discipline even though Leibniz’s formulation of infinitesimal calculus was superior. Newton achieved greater fame for a few reasons:

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