Best Online Resources to Improve Your Math Skills

Best Online Resources to Improve Your Math Skills

Although Maths is a compulsory subject in all the educational institutions all over the world, many students consider it as a complete waste of time and skip this issue, claiming that they prefer not mathematically oriented disciplines but only social sciences. But will it really help you in your future or it is just something you have to learn because everybody does it? Math, as well as other exact sciences, is essential for the intellectual development of a person from early years, it helps to develop intelligence and better your critical, analytical, deductive and prognostic abilities together with improving your abstract thinking. Very often people understand the importance of logic and algebra when they are already adults and try to make up for lost time, but do not know where to find a qualified help quickly. We think that a man is never too old to study, that is why we have selected the best online sources to improve your knowledge of numerous subjects:

  • Online courses

There are plenty of courses available on the web, which can offer math courses online at low prices or even for free. Online learning is a trendy way of getting new knowledge and experience nowadays, but still, there are people, who prefer old and traditional methods and say it is useless and wastefulness. But, if you keep up with the times, you can visit such sites as Academic Earth, Edx, TED, University of the People, Coursera and others and get a unique experience in exploring new things from universities all over the world, just sitting on your sofa and holding a laptop.

  • Online libraries

For those, who still hesitate, exist online libraries, where you can download books you need and dive into learning by yourself. Of course, there is nothing better than a smell of a written word, but the theme of books varies depending on the site, and mostly they have a plethora of them available for free, so everybody could find the one he needs. The one drawback of using web libraries is that you have to organize an academic process yourself, thus have good time-management and organizational skills. Nevertheless, if you are a person, who is self-motivated and can move towards the goal on your own, this type of e-learning is exactly what you need. Among the most popular web libraries are The Online Library, Harvard Library, Wiley Library, Open Library and others.

  • Online Tutors

There are different types of school teachers, some of them focus on the needs of each student, other – use discipline as a key to successful learning, but the thing that is common for all of them, is strict correspondence to the school program, established in the country. School program doesn’t care whether the student understood the material he had just learned, or he still needs time to master it. This is the time when online tutors come to stage. If you need to learn math or other subjects that you have missed at school or simply improve them, they can assist you as they are 100% students oriented and can present the material according to the students’ abilities and needs.

  • Online lessons

This type of lessons is a perfect variant of distance learning for those, who are limited on time and want to master something quickly and get great results. Individual classes can take place in the form of face-to-face conversation by means of various apps or programs such as Skype and other video calls. Among the advantages of this type of e-learning is easy access – you can learn from home and build up your own learning schedule, also there is wide choice of tutors available on the Internet, no matter how far away they are, different educational content – video and audio which you can find for free on the web and, of course, you can choose the subject or skills you want to level up – it could be mathematics assignment writing, organic chemistry, etc.

There are plenty of ways how to study maths online, and it depends on which directions of studying will you choose, the pros and cons of each method based on your goal and preferences. The one thing you should remember is that it is never late to gain new knowledge or skills. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


Author: mathtuition88

8 thoughts on “Best Online Resources to Improve Your Math Skills”

  1. Mr Wu, would you say that excelling in math requires more than just hard work and motivation because it requires very competent problem-solving skills and pattern recognition which is the essence of what IQ tests attempt to test ?

    Read somewhere that excelling in math requires no intelligence at all and found it to be non-factual and fallacious.

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    1. Mr Wu, is it reasonable to say that math talent ( logical aptitude, pattern recognition and abstract reasoning ) could potentially determine 40% of ones success in getting first class honours in math in NUS ?

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    2. Also u said earlier on that one’s math ability ( numerical reasoning, logical ability, pattern recognition and abstract reasoning ) can all be increased.

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