OneKey Token Out of Battery — What to do?

It seems like the OneKey Token (used for 2 factor authentication) runs out of battery quite fast. I have barely used mine (usually use SMS), yet its battery has died surprisingly soon, compared to my other bank tokens.

What should one do in this case? Please comment below if you have other options.

Once the battery goes to zero, it appears that there are only two options:

Option 1)

Go to their office PSA Building (Alexandra Road) or International Plaza (Anson Road), to get free** replacement (**provided still within the warranty period of 1 year).

Waiting time is estimated 40-50 minutes. (and “free” may not be guaranteed, depends on whether you meet their requirement of warranty period, etc.)

Disclaimer: I have not tried this method myself. This is based on the Hardwarezone post linked below.

Option 2)

Go to this OneKey Assurity site to purchase a new token at $15. (Quite expensive 😦 )


I have no idea why the battery runs out so fast. Even my cheap Casio watch’s battery (which is running 24 hours a day) lasts longer than this token’s (which I have pressed less than 10 times).

Author: mathtuition88

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